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Here at some of the 10 Top Sexiest League of Legends skins. When it's time to celebrate the holidays, you're going to want this skin. His ultimate, Destiny, teleports him across the map, making it easy for him to roam other lanes. Lots of supports thrive on their ability to grab or snare enemy champions. We have to say, we love her long, flowing hair in this one. Her long range and her Q lets her farm with relative ease without worrying about mana cost. Her passive grants her a shield whenever her activated abilities damage an enemy champion. Good harass, especially against low elo players.

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Juggernauts are a relatively safe bet as they both take and deal large amounts of damage, but their weakness lies in their lack of mobility. Some are still available for purchase while others will just have to be something you lust over. As well as slaughtering the local fauna, jungle champions are responsible for major objectives like Baron and the Dragons.

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She is an easy-to-play, well-rounded support with a varied kit, dealing damage, healing, and providing a large AOE stun with her ult. Just be careful; even in her cute outfit, Akali is as deadly as always in-game. Enchanters like Janna are defined by heals, shields, and low-level disruptive crowd control.

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Her passive, Get Excited, grants her extra movement and attack speed on champion and turret takedown, giving her additional pushing power or allowing her to shred through teamfights. Sion, The Undead Juggernaut. Start a Wiki.

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When she switches to her rockets, the attack speed stacks slowly fall off one by one, allowing a quick, temporary bombardment of rockets. Ornn, The Fire below the Mountain. Enter the idea of skins. Why this champion is good: His time bombs are great for harass and dealing AOE damage. This champion is very fun to play as he stampedes around, rolling a giant snowball into his enemies Zilean, the Chronokeeper, is a temporal mage. This skill can also be used on turrets. This list shows all champions as they appear in the store , along with their assigned classes , release dates and purchase costs.

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She can help teamfights from afar, snipe kills, or even steal objectives. He can choose to keep himself alive, or save a friend for the sake of the team. Contents [ show ].

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Alternative pick: Lucian Support The primary role of a support champion is to prop up the ADC by helping facilitate their kills or keeping them alive into late game. Poppy, Keeper of the Hammer. There's never a bad time to experiment with a new role or expand your personal roster of characters. Annie is an easy-to-learn Burst mage, whose strength is stunning opponents before obliterating them with fire magic.

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